Hey you in the vodpod

Welcome to my world, sorry such a mess. After a thousand hits I’m still learning that one can do things like add tags, change titles, comment on the clips and interact with viewers, so while it’s something of a trainwreck in there, that’s my trainwreck in there. But no worries mate, chaos is a blessing because chaos leads to clarity, as given time will the disordered to the thematic, just you wait. Some day fifteen minutes spent in Writher will be equivalent to six months in the Renaissance.

I don’t know if the people visiting my vodpod are the same people visiting this blog and I don’t know how to figure that out yet. All I know is I get something like messages (?!) on my podpage everyday about certain missing videos, and just want to say I’m doing my best to replace them. I sense an all-purpose rant coming on, since it’s quite the pisser, I do not know why videos are disappeared and in a day or two reloaded, but I suspect the stink of money, the man, royalties and the sheer possessiveness in regulating terms of estate.

Every single video featuring Chet Baker has been taken off youtube, Nick’s Wanted Man disappears 3x a week, and now and then the single most aching concert footage of Billie Holiday’s career goes away and comes back, what are these people thinking? Let’s have even less exposure of under-recognized talent, because some people might be enjoying shit for free and that simply cannot stand! Just today I found my most-viewed clip has been taken from my pod, the best montage of scenes from my favorite movie is gone. I can’t bear the fact of its absence, out of 200 videos where is my most-viewed clip, my Wings of Desire, motherfucker? Who are these motherfuckers? Leave my stuff alone, you don’t even understand it. What kind of pernicious dickhead is afoot behind the curtain here, who does this, who taught them this? I mean, if I’m going to bury my head in youtube 4 hours a day I’d rather go in with the hope I’ll dig up artifacts of excellence to share in a beatitude of plenitude rather than you know, spend my alloted time on Earth policing miscreants who just might be getting away with enjoying an activity my small mind can’t comprehend. Really, it’s not about ripping you off. I don’t even think some people understand what the Internet is for anymore. It’s a place. A kind of place. A kind of pro-social place. Doesn’t that mean anything/something/everything? Why are we here? To make certain every single Chet Baker video disappears in case someone might somehow lose some money? That is worse than a mighty big if.

Let me explain the meaning of currency; these videos are goods people trade in order to connect online and build social networks. We can’t do it without the thing you’re taking away from us. You are robbing me. And these people who trade in cultural currency are known as weirdos collectors. We are your buyers. For every free video seen how many entire collections are purchased? Think, man! Who wants to see a Chet Baker video if not for the kind of patron who collects the kind of music Chet Baker made. But this is too exacting/abstract for shortsighted moneygrabbers to get their arms around, that people live in these worlds and this is what we spend our money on. Plus, there are no guarantees, you can’t predict and control the buying behavior of even the most avid watcher of an obscure jazz video, so you speculate, in recognition of an alternative culture beyond the imagination of the profit/loss spreadsheet. Because it’s fucking elementary, depriving us is shooting yourselves in the foot, betraying your own self interest, not to mention your own economic base, but that’s cool because you despise us for the very intensity with which we respond to your product, and the rather childlike bonding we do over it.

And I don’t know how to make or even upload videos so can’t begin to imagine the grief a creator must feel to see their labor of love wiped out in an instant, and that is such total bullshit, since another delinquent is only going to upload the same damn footage in a montage tomorrow just to see it wiped out in a day or two again. Which makes their removal an exercise in nothing but mean-spirited pointlessness but as Willie put it, if you got the money I got the time to defy this ridiculous set-up day in and day out. It’s all so 1970s punk rock I could hurl, maybe that’s the best can be said about this situation.

So now we wait. Wait for some bloke to upload an English scene from my favorite film, inspired by the poems of Rilke, where angels seemed to dwell. A beautiful drifty sad trapeze artist who lives in a trailer and dances by herself to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Hapless but knowing angels who can only observe, powerless to intervene. Wiki has a fairly unpretentious page on background. But it’s in words and we’re supposed to be passed all that. Paltry language, nothing but a muddy, hulking impoverished substitute for streamline video. There, I said it. The fact is, words have always wanted to be video, I think you must agree. If in doubt, get a load of this old school film professor deploying the sad convention of words on screen to describe my favorite WoD scene, “dying motorcyclist,” where the angel Damiel takes the I/Thou dialogic to the next level by pulling up the deepest thoughts of a man dying in the gutter. Ya with me reader, notice we are switching gears? You would if this was a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion! OK, serious hat now; the dying man’s inner monologue begins as you might expect, with fragmented ranting at dumbstruck passers-by:

Don’t look at me so stupidly. Haven’t you seen anyone die before? Shit, is it this easy? I’m lying here in a puddle, stinking like an oil tanker. I can’t really end up here like a wilting flower! Everything so clear! Why are they standing there? Gawking at me like that? The oil smudge…

As he approaches the dying man, Damiel kneels behind him, places his hands on either side of the dying man’s head, and leans his own head down, listening intently for or tuning into the thoughts trying to form themselves in a deeper layer of the dying man’s mind:

(Dying Man’s inner voice): Karin, I should have told her yesterday… This thing got out of control. …I’m so sorry. Karin! Now I’m lying here. I can’t simply… I have to… Karin, I still have so much to do! Karin, Baby, things look bad for me.

It is at this point that Damiel begins speaking for the dying man, helping him to focus his thoughts on the things that had meant the most to him during his lifetime. Damiel, speaking for the dying man begins-

As I emerged from the valley out of the fog into the sunshine…the fire at the edge of the prairie…the potatoes in the ashes…the boat-house far off at the lake…

Now the dying man joins in speaking the invocation, so that both his and Damiel’s voices are heard simultaneously. DAMIEL and the DYING MAN:

The Southern Cross, the Far East, the Great North, the Wild West, the Great Bear Lake!

At the very end of this segment we begin to hear the strains of cello music. In the final moments a young man is seen hurrying along the bridge toward the scene of the accident. … Damiel looks up and cedes his place to the young man, who places his hands on the dying man’s shoulders. Damiel caresses the young man’s head (with an immaterial hand), as he rises to turn back toward the bridge… and walks back across it. We continue to hear the inner thoughts of the dying man, now spoken in a strong voice, which replaces the enfeebled one heard in the opening shot.

Tristan da Cunha. The Mississippi Delta. Stromboli. The old houses of Charlottenburg. Albert Camus. The morning light. The child’s eyes. The swim in the waterfall. The spots of the first drops of rain. The sun. The bread and wine. Hopping. Easter. The veins of leaves. The blowing grass. The color of stones. The pebbles on the stream’s bed. The white tablecloth outdoors. The dream of the house in the house. The dear one asleep in the next room. The peaceful Sundays. The horizon. The light from the room in the garden. The night flight. Riding a bicycle with no hands. The beautiful stranger. My father. My mother. My wife. My child.

For the love of all that’s holy will someone upload this clip? Thank you, that is all.

11 thoughts on “Hey you in the vodpod

  1. To save youtube and similar video’s I use “downloadhelper.net”
    Save onto my hard drive , maybe onto recordable DVD.

    Not for long , as my high-speed internet is about to go lowspeed due to no money-budget restraints.

    To view flv videos I use “FLV Player” . Google the words in quotes for more info.

  2. Heya Mark,

    Sorry to hear about your losing high speed, mine is just a little faster than dial up but I can’t imagine going back.
    Thanks for the leads, I was just wondering which one of those programs to look into. I found youtomb http://youtomb.mit.edu/
    with a shitload of recalled videos logged, and surely more to come.

  3. “which one”?
    “downloadhelper.net” merges with the firefox browser and gives you the option of saving a FLV. (youtube videos)

    “FLV player” just plays FLV’s

  4. Well I looked into a bunch of them and none seem to have social applications. I have already seen the videos, what I want to do is share them. Every program I’ve researched just lets you download to a player like Quicktime, and that’s where it ends. Don’t tell me our corporate overlords are winning this fight? I’m shocked.

  5. I don’t understand. To share a video you have to have it on your hard drive to start.
    Where do you want to share them?
    If youtube authority sees and thinks the video you upload is copyrighted it gets erased and maybe your account gets erased.

  6. What? You’re asking me where I want to share them? And telling me that youtube removes them for copyright infringement? All this has been established Mark. It helps to read the posts.

  7. In my eyes the post is confusing.
    You write about vodpod and youtube. They are two different things. Both use FLV video format.

    “videos are disappeared and in a day or two reloaded”
    If it is reloaded what is the problem then?

    The word “my” meaning ownership comes and goes in the writing, did you upload video/music or not? To vodpod?

    You write you don’t know how to upload.
    “I’m doing my best to replace them”
    does not go with
    “I don’t know how to make or even upload videos”
    “I’ll dig up artifacts of excellence to share” Where is the sharing going on?

  8. Now Mark, all my posts are confusing, but you’re not even trying. This post is about the dreaded nanny state, e.g., video sharing. http://communication.howstuffworks.com/video-sharing.htm

    You write you don’t know how to upload.
    “I’m doing my best to replace them”
    does not go with
    “I don’t know how to make or even upload videos”
    “I’ll dig up artifacts of excellence to share”

    Some people do both, upload and share footage; I refer to these people as creators. I don’t know how to upload videos, and am doing my best to replace them because I am not creating, I’m compiling. Like a clerk, downloading what creators upload, yes?

    To answer your questions, what the problem is, and you may not see it as a problem, but to me it is a disgrace when I place a youtube video into my vodpod, tag it, think up a clever description, organize it, and sit back in the warm glow of productivity that in a few days youtube obliterates. Fucking removes the video, which makes a dead link, which creates a problem for the expectant, innocent, hopeful and cooperative viewer who clicks the link in the vodpod, only to be frustrated by the “this video is no longer available” message. Which fills the would-be viewer with murder and means I have to remove the dead link and re-do a task that has already been realized — find the video again, because another soul mate who likewise detests copyright law is only going to upload the same video or a version of it again in a day or two — re-tag, rethink, re-organize — since what we’re doing here is retracing our steps at the behest of lawyers, if that doesn’t make you throw up a little in your mouth I don’t know what will.

    So now comes you all helpful and whatnot to tell me how to save videos, which would be useful if my post was about a self-referential problem (I can’t hoard the things I want) rather than a social issue (offering artifacts of excellence to my vodpod browsers). Remember the part about “I don’t even know if people realize what the Internet is for anymore. It’s a place. A kind of place.” What kind of place, Mark?

    It might help to understand my post if you’d imagine what it would be like to be a little less alienated.

  9. “After a thousand hits I’m still learning that one can do things like add tags, change titles, comment on the clips and interact with viewers, so while it’s something of a trainwreck in there, that’s my trainwreck in there.”

    Trainwreck? Hey, I don’t even know what vodpod is.

  10. It’s the video library, accessed by clicking into the strip of images underneath Recent Posts. I think I am to my new vodpod the way you are to your vintage photos and hope somehow to make that same kind of association with this blog. It appears I need some lessons on effective promotion, which I’m not completely opposed to, though the more sacrosanct a thing is the more it seems to demand understatement. And that means good things can also get lost, so I just don’t know. How loud to bang the drum.

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