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How does Post Traumatic Stress Disorder fit into the current biological model of mental illness? It doesn’t, people are not born with this malady, PTSD is the one and only severe mental illness organized around lived experience. But that is just so 1980s; unpleasant, un-profitable, incurable PTSD, let’s pretend it never happened and bedazzle the masses with correct disease-mongering like the spanking new bi-polar child disorder, so sciency and happening with our neuro-babbling times, devoid of social implications and “treatable” with pharmaceuticals.

A paradigm is shifting, it makes no sense to me, all these new diagnoses pop up that by some happy chance mesh perfectly with the medical model and psychopharm protocol, while services for trauma victims are increasingly denied. Say goodbye to the human condition, to straightforward, reality-based narrative interpretation, goodbye to the one commonsense diagnosis that actually pertains, thanks and good-bye to the expendables who can’t live another day suffering from a benighted intellectual construct.


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