The snakepit is doing its job

Our officials do nothing while a flood of ink spills about the known atrocities taking place in Texas MHMR residential facilities. From my initial link three weeks ago on 800 disciplinary actions taken against Texas state schools, to the latest coverage of “choke holds, headlocks, torture, rape and death” in psych hospitals, perhaps our governor would like to revise his blithe summation that “the state is doing its job.” Meanwhile, accounts from the reality-based community beg to differ:

United Press International: Abuse Common in Texas Mental Hospitals.

Psych Central: Texas Mental Hospitals: A Haven for Abuse.

Furious Seasons: Article Exposes Injuries, Death at Texas Psych Hospital.

New York Times: Firings at Mental Hospitals Over Abuse.

Reason: One Flew Over the Lone Star State.

Rad Geek (must read): Texas Psychoprisons.

The Trouble With Spikol: Happy happy joy joy…uh…maybe not.

Houston Press: Mental Anguish at Texas West Oaks Hospital.

Reeves Law Blog: TX Psychiatric Patients Suffer Abuse, Neglect.

Hymes: Acceptance and Expectation of Abuse and Neglect in State Hospitals Are a Large Part of the Problem.

Texas Observer: Systemic Neglect.

Dallas News: Reports Show Systemic Abuse at Texas’ Psychiatric Hospitals.

Systemic is the operative word, systemic tells us the apple is rotten to the core, overall, built in, affecting an entire system, making it untenable in its totality. Documented systemic abuse, requiring swift and decisive action and impossible to ignore. You would think so. Who among us could ignore these published findings but the paid parasites who earn their professional cred by providing oversight of the system in question? The entities that are charged with getting hysterical over these facts will of course ignore them, and because that’s not surprising makes it no less unbearable. If you have any doubt that’s just what they’re doing, scour a few websites, and wait for the blackout:

Department of Aging and Disability Services.

Texas Department of State Health Services.

Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health Transformation. (pdf of May 6th agenda).

Texas Health and Human Services: May 12th “Stakeholder” hearing agenda.

Every front-page News brief at all 40 Community Psychiatric Centers, example: Austin-Travis County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center.

Blackout, zip, zero, nada, not a word of acknowledgment from the mental health overlords charged with public accountability. Pretend it’s not happening, maybe the public won’t notice. 135 news articles. What’s that if not delusional? A complete break with consensual reality, there is a place to put people like that.

3 thoughts on “The snakepit is doing its job

  1. I did time at CPU in Austin, ASH, Shoal Creek and The Brown Schools all between 1979-1990 until I escaped Texas completely. My mother was head nurse at Travis State School. She is a sadistic wench sponsored by the state. When I cried for help I was incarcerated at the above institutes. I cried, am still crying reading this. I don’t have a productive response I am just so very grateful to be alive when so many died and did not make pardon or parole.

  2. This is unacceptable.
    Unacceptable… Is it the right word?
    Let’s try another one to express what I’m feeling:
    Cannot find it.
    Not even in my own language, Portuguese.
    Whenever I’m in face of crimes like this words do not come my mind.
    This is beyond my comprehension.
    I know quite well evil. I’m old enough to know humans nature.
    Still I get so infuriated!
    I’m here reading on a computer about sick people who are being treated like ………………. .
    And I have a testimony right above me who survived and is “grateful to be alive”.
    A feel like crying too. But I’m too angry.
    I’ll follow what’s going to happen.
    I cannot believe that in US no matter who will end it.
    Where is Eric Rosenthal who created
    MDRI – “mental disability rights international”
    Is it only for international?
    I’ll check the site:
    “Country projects, North America

    Mental Disability Rights International is currently exploring new project areas in this region. Please check back for more information.”

    Is it a joke?

    “As MDRI focuses on bringing about change in a few target countries, we are also working to bring about global changes. For years we worked with the United Nations to draft a new United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and this treaty will take effect for the first time in May 2008.”

    I guess US is not among the “few target countries”.
    I see!
    Perhaps we will have to wait till MAY!!!!!!

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