You social workers gotta lotta nerve to say you are my friend

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Far as I’m concerned Jane Addams was a heavenly saint. Founder of Hull House and America’s first social worker, and she has got to be rolling in her grave.

Last Fall the sickeningly confused National Association of Social Workers (NASW) sent an email to their members, an Invitation to Join The National Adherence Initiative for Schizophrenia, which “invited” them to cough up names of their labeled schizophrenic clients who don’t follow their med regime.

“Partial adherence” is what we’re coyly calling choice these days. The issue is medication compliance. The traitors are the NASW, which is creating a database of non-compliant folks in order to do who knows what in pushing these deadly, expensive and ineffective pills down their throats.

The brief text in the email asked social workers to consider enrolling “in a nationwide data collection effort.” It stated: “Partial adherence is a significant problem in the treatment of schizophrenia … and can affect up to 75% of patients.” It invited participants to “identify up to 10 clients with schizophrenia that you feel are at risk for partial adherence.”

Guess who’s behind the initiative?

The last line of the text informed that this initiative “is sponsored by Janssen, L.P. in partnership with NASW.” The pharmaceutical company Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, markets Risperdal (risperidone), an antipsychotic drug that grossed $2.3 billion in US sales in 2005. Social workers who enrolled received a packet from Janssen, with the “study instrument,” that spoke of nothing but the importance of drug treatment adherence for schizophrenia.

Some social workers are protesting, they’ve put together a sharply worded what-for and are collecting signatures online:

The undersigned social workers and social work educators and researchers are, for several reasons, concerned about the NASW’s active participation in this pharmaceutical company marketing initiative.

First, now is a time of unprecedented awareness of the pharmaceutical industry’s stake in framing how distress and mental disorders are seen and how they are treated (3). This industry has used every means at its disposal—including one-to-one enticement of professionals (4), sponsorship and delivery of continuing “education” (5), sponsorship of advocacy groups, ghost-writing of “scientific” articles and dissemination of unsupported “medication algorithms” (6), direct-to-consumer advertising, intense legislative lobbying (7), as well as suppression of research findings, illegal marketing of psychotropic drugs for off-label purposes (8), and cash payments to state officials to include atypical antipsychotics on Medicaid formularies (9)—to remain the dominant player in health and mental health. Regardless of evidence of drugs’ efficacy or safety, the industry’s unrivaled ability to spread money to influence thinking, practice, and policymaking means that the mental health system serves the industry, rather than the opposite.

and so on and so forth and here and then a signature straggles in, dribs, drabs, and drops in the bucket. Bless ’em anyhow for going against the tide, standing up for the right to “adhere” in accordance with a person’s own God given right to say yes, maybe, we’ll see, I’ll think about it some velvet morning when I’m straight, but never on Sunday, sorry, not today, no.

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11 comments on “You social workers gotta lotta nerve to say you are my friend
  1. psychoa says:

    Appalling. Never joined, never will.

  2. Heads up ! Psychoanalyst in the house ! Just say the first thing that comes to mind …

  3. flawedplan says:

    I’ll say I’m down with neo-Freudians, they’re fighting extinction and I’m in their corner, it’s the CBT bastards who’ve declared war on humanity.

  4. the memory artist says:

    Oh, I’m just poking fun . I’m all for psychotherapies of all different persuasions . I actually even found some of the CBT bastards helpful . I’ve found that it is not necessarily the treatment modality that causes the problems in psychiatry and psychology ; it’s more often how it’s delivered and who it is delivered by that creates the problem . I try not to close my mind to looking at anything that might be useful in getting healthier , and I incorporate the things that feel right to me into my efforts to grow . That being said , no matter how hard I try to keep an open mind about the strictly pure behaviorists – I am really turned off … and they don’t care about my open mind anyway – so it’s all good .

  5. psychoa says:

    Good to know we aren’t on absolutely everybody’s shit list.

  6. the memory artist says:

    Shit list ? uh oh , you may be anally fixated . :0) Really , the psychoanalytically oriented therapies have been extremely helpful for me as far as gaining insight into the roots of some things . The CBT stuff is a great awareness raiser when it comes to how my current modes of thinking influence me now . The medications though- they nearly killed me and made all the psychotherapy nearly impossible to engage in for many years.
    So getting back to the topic of the original post – it is appalling – and I’m afraid these pharmacuetical companies are so powerful that this kind of thing will become the status quo . Social workers provide a tremendous amount of mental health care these days , and if these companies can suck them into the game – they’ll have just about everybody under their thumbs. This whole reporting concept really reeks of Nazi fascism .

  7. sly civilian says:

    that’s grade A not right.

  8. Violet Socks says:

    The pharmaceutical industry is The Borg.

  9. […] post by flawedplan Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  10. Grace says:

    I am a social worker with 22 years experience who attended yet another meeting in Trenton, NJ today. I may not have a job tomorrow, because my “feedback” re: the state of social work in NJ focused primarily on the bloated, self-serving behemoth that the mental “health” system has become. This mental “health” system has indeed absorbed the social work profession. In addition, our child “protection” service (DYFS) converts tortured, suffering children into menatl patients, and too many social workers have become Nurse Ratchet in the quest to be accepted as mental health professionals. I am furious.

  11. flawedplan says:

    Bless you Grace and, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your strong stance. I believe in old school social work and in fighting the good fight. I pray to god you’re not the only one.

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